Reinstate Hank Williams
Reinstate Hank!
Hank Williams is being exploited by the Grand Ole Opry; a place that is using his likeness to promote THEIR BUSINESS. How can they ban someone from their doors yet use them in radio ads, online and through television specials, and other forms of media promotion? There has even been a quote on their website from Brad Paisley stating, "That circle is the most magical thing when you're a performer". Says Paisley, "To stand there and get to sing on those same boards that probably still contain dust from Hank Williams' boots."

The circumstances surrounding the issue are based on policy and discrepancies. Why can't banned members be reinstated post-death? The wheels were turning to reinstate Hank, so why didn't they? Why are dead members technically not considered members once they have passed? Also, what about the Opry's treatment of elder members; the ones' who have kept the Opry alive all these years? Is it right that the Opry can bring them back to the stage as much or as little as they feel "necessary"? Would Hank even want to be a part of the Opry if he were still alive today? These are issues that the Opry needs to address and needs to be addressed to the Opry.

In an upcoming documentry, the grandson of Hank Williams, musician and artist Shelton Hank Williams (Hank 3) has set out on a journey to find the answers to these questions and to raise awareness to an issue that he, along with many others, feel need to be brought into the light regarding one of America's seemingly greatest music institutions. The documentry, which has no current scheduled release date is set to feature interviews with David Allan Coe, Dwight Yoakam, Charlie Daniels, and many other country music legends, musicians, friends, family, even some Grand Ole Opry personnel.

Last and most important we have a petition book. This book, with an opening written by Hank 3 in his own blood has made it's way accross the country on Hank 3 tours for EVERYONE to sign. From the famous to the common person, each signature is equally significant and a part of history in the making.

The Opry is to be made fully aware of their hypocrisy. The ONLY way that this can be made right is to REINSTATE HANK back in the Opry and create an even larger movement to honor all the players of what used to be the greatest showcase of country music in the world.

The Opry Has Sinned and We Are Here to Let Them Know About It!